Design and Build

Years of practice have led TDMG Concordia Ltd to understand the particularities of these types of remote projects and as allowed us to build our team’s foundations accordingly. Armed with knowledge of the real estate and construction markets, our in-house logistic management crew, our inspired design team familiar with current costs related to the realization of a project, our elite, on site, craftsmen and our well established web of loyal local collaborators, we've put together a winning recipe for successful projects.

With the developers budgetary goals in mind, we are well aware that the key to a successful "Master Builder" approach requires the Contractor to provide a clear vision of the project, while adapting it through quick revisions and countering shifting demands in order to keep sales ahead of market and maximizing profitability.

Any inquiries or concerns are routed through TDMG, since Design-Builders are the sole entity dealing with design revisions, project feedback, budgeting, permitting, construction issues, change orders, as well as billing.

By combining the design, acquisition of building and other permits, execution of construction documents and the actual construction of the building, a Contractor-led Design-build project does not only reduce the overall delivery schedule, but also improves the coordination and offers a greater team approach.

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