Windchaser Villas



Windchaser Villas are spacious, stylish four bedroom vacation homes divided into three distinct apartments that share the main entrance, the pool and the terrace. The 2 studios and 2 main bedrooms are on the ground floor while the main living area and kitchen and screened-in eating area are on the second floor. The beauty of the villas' design is in its accommodation flexibility, making vacation stays convenient and pleasurable. The entire villa sleeps 8 comfortably.

It is possible to rent one of the two studios, the main house or separate units to make combinations of apartments to suit your needs. This housing development can accommodate large groups of travelers. Phase 3 is under construction, with two additional homes.

The Villas provide ample separate spaces for privacy and the common room and patios bring everyone together comfortably under one roof. The resulting 3450sqft  nestles in an attractive garden setting overlooking the ocean. A delicate balance of sophisticated charm and custom amenities fill the interior spaces.

  • Built in 2013-2014
  • 4 two-storey distinct buildings
  • Staggered elevation overlooking Long Bay beach
  • 4 bedrooms with ensuite per villa
  • Fully equipped independant studios 
  • 4 Generous size pool
  • Outside secured lockers
  • Tiled beach path
  • Parking areas
  • Lush landscaping
  • Completed in 14 months